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The “treasure” that God revealed to Moses uncovers the reality of the meaning of I AM that I AM. He not only gave Moses a name that no one else knew, but we discover that it was for a reason and purpose: to allow Moses to be the first man on earth to know God as the I AM that I AM. However, this knowledge is not given to Moses alone for his own personal benefit; it is also given to you and me, so that through this knowledge, we can gain a greater understanding of God’s purpose and plans for our lives. We must pay close attention to even the words God gave to Moses in the book of Genesis. These words are key to a greater understanding of our own lives. In other words, as God was creating the world, He was also teaching us valuable lessons about life.

Kingdom Talk Radio Broadcast

It is a riveting and thought provoking broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 15 minutes. It is hosted by Bishop Stephens, Prophetess Ruth and Sr. Pastor Roger Jr. The theme: “The Kingdom of God is within you and when you speak it is Kingdom Talk!” The topics are biblically relevant and inspiring; ranging from marriage, family, biblical teachings and more.

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Where there is no love and compassion there is no healing. His love in us allows us to bring Him near to heal us.